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Finanical Peace University starts in February

‎2012 is here and the nation’s financial woes continue. How is your financial health? Now is a great time for a financial check up.

  • How are your finances?
  • How much debt are you carrying not counting your home?
  • How much do you have in Savings?

After considering these answers consider Financial Peace University! This February will be our 5th class at Bible Baptist Church. So far we have had Teens through those in their 60’s take the class. Its for everyone.

There is a free preview class on Wednesday, January 25. The class begins on February 1. The cost is $100 (for materials) and a worthwhile investment in your families finances and future. Click here for registration and more information.

Pizza and Bowling

The youth group from Southside Baptist Church will be joining us Friday, August 26 for a night of Pizza and Bowling.

We will meet at the church at 6:30 for a message from the Word and a pizza dinner before leaving for the bowling alley. We will back to the church at 11:30.

Cost is $10 and includes both pizza and bowling.