Men’s Conference

Men’s Conference

On January 20-21 the men of Bible Baptist Church will be going to Conover, North Carolina for the “Shew Thyself a Man” Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The goal of the conference is threefold. The first goal is to make sure every man present has a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Without being saved a man can never be a Christian man.

The second Goal of the conference is to develop a home centered on Christ. The man is the Spiritual head of the home and every man should lead his home in the principles of the Bible.

The third goal of the conference is to encourage the men to carry themselves as a Christian man in society in their day-to-day life. When men let their light shine before the world they will be exposing others to biblical principles and teaching. This affords them the opportunity to tell others of the love of God.

These three goals combine to help a man develop into a Christian Man that the Lord can use. All of our men are encouraged to attend. See Bob Reed for more information.

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