1066Master Club is our Wednesday night kids ministry that meets from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm during the school year.

Master Club helps kids to grow in their knowledge of the Bible while giving them practical opportunities to apply what they have learned in their own lives. Kids will be given an opportunity to actively participate in every aspect of the program.

Master Clubs integrates fun and excitement with spiritual growth. Kids can’t wait to participate in game time every week!

The major age divisions are:

      Beginners – Age 3-K5


      Primaries – 1st thru 3rd Grade


    Juniors – 4th thru 6th Grade

The desire of the Master Clubs ministry at Bible Baptist Church is to aid parents in raising their children to have a love for Jesus and instilling a desire in their “little hearts” to serve their Master!

Matthew 23:10, “…for one is your Master, even Christ.”

For more information on Master Clubs programs, please feel free to visit www.masterclubs.org

Hope to see your family at Master Clubs this Wednesday night!

Mark Haney, Master Clubs – Director

Master Club Regional 2014